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“Perfect new invention” GelBlue——New era of safety gel electrophoresis

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UE Brings you a new era of safety gel electrophoresis.

New era of safety gel electrophoresis= blue light imaging+ Safe nucleic acid dye

1. Product features

Do not affect strip migration:Good strip separation effect can also be obtained when the sample size is large;

※ Wide spectral range:Blue light imaging is recommended. It can also be observed under UV;

※ High safety:No mutagenicity, blue light imaging can avoid UV damage

※ High sensitivity:Minimum visible 1 ng

※ High stability:Avoid light is not necessary:White tube packaging, room temperature storage;Good thermal stability;

※ Wide range of application:It can be dyed with agarose gel and acrylamide gel,It can also dye RNA and single stranded DNA.

2. Super GelBlue Experimental renderings

pre-electrophoresis gel staining
post-electrophoresis gel staining
The electrophoretic bands of super gelblue have no tailing,Perfect separation effect can also be achieved with large pieces of strips;No background when staining after electrophoresis.

3. Super GelBlue & GelGreen(pre-electrophoresis gel staining,Sample loading 5μL)

Super GelBlue
Super GelBlue

Blue Light Gel Imager
Blue light glue cutter
GelGreen has high background and can cause strip to bend and trail,Super GelBlue is better than GelGreen in low background and perfect dyeing effect with large and small segments.

4. Super GelBlue No mutagenicity Repor

Super gelblue 5000 × does not have mutagenicity,This concentration is much higher than the actual working concentration of dye.(The complete report can be found on the official website)


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