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Double reporter gene test kit

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1. Product Price List

Item number
Product name
Catalogue price(RMB)
Firefly Luciferase Assay Kit
One-Step Firefly Luciferase Assay Kit
Renilla Luciferase Assay Kit
Firefly & Renilla Dual Luciferase Assay Kit

2. Experimental principles

Luciferase is a general term for enzymes that can produce bioluminescence, among which the most representative are Firefly and Renilla. Luciferase catalyzes the oxidation of luciferin, and emits fluorescence simultaneously.

Firefly & Renilla Dual Luciferase Assay Kit can detect two different luciferases (Firefly, Renilla) in a single cell at one time. After internal reference processing, the influences from cell activity and transfection efficiency can be reduced. Therefore, the dual-luciferase system reduces external interferences and makes the experimental data more credible. Moreover, there is no cross interference between Firefly and Renilla in different reaction substrates.

Normalization reaction = Experimental Group (Firefly) / Control Group (Renilla)

3. Product Features

丨  Simple: all operated in one tube, save culture dishes and time.

  Sensitive: the lowest detection threshold is up to 10-20mol, can be applied in the studies like weak promoters, low-expressed/down-regulated genes and gene expression in cells with low transfection efficiency, etc.

  Wide linear range of enzyme concentration: ≥ 8 orders of magnitude

  Cell lysis: strong lysis ability, suitable for almost all cell types.

4. Applications

  Analysis for monoclonal antibody drug evaluation

  Analysis of transcription factor binding sites and promoter activity

  Signal transduction

  RNA degradation,

  Drug screening

  Animal imaging in vivo. etc.

5. Competitive product comparison

Firefly luciferase test results
Renilla luciferase test results
Ratio between Firefly and Renilla test results
Test results of UE F6075 firefly & Renilla dual luciferase assay kit and similar products from P Company (international mainstream brand) and T company (domestic famous brand). Based on the test results, UE’s fluorescence intensity is the highest, and its F/R ratio is close to P brand.


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