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US Everbright Inc.

      US Everbright® Inc. (UE) is a technology development oriented company that combines research, processing and sales. The company currently provides high-end biological laboratory reagents, which are widely used in the second-generation sequencing market, in-vitro diagnostic IVD industry, monoclonal antibody pharmaceutical and scientific research markets. US Everbright Inc. is committed to providing the most outstanding products and services to researchers in the life sciences with the tenet of “First-class World Products, First-class Professional Services”.

      The company advocates the spirit of “ confidence, pragmatism and innovation” , relying on efficient and professional technical team, and cooperating with many hospitals to give full play to the advantages of high technology and industry. Baseing on long-term goals and in aimes to attract high-end products to the market, the company development and transformation its products, targeted development and production of biological agents with broad prospects, greatly promote the development of the biologics industry and contribute to the health and well-being of human beings.

      R&D team leader: Dr. Xia Jibo, the founder of the company, received his Ph.D. in science from the University of California, Santa Cruz in 2006. Dr. Xia worked in the famous biotechnology company in the United States from October 2006 to January 2014. He is responsible for the R&D team of the company's cell and molecular biology products, and he is in charge of the company's product quality inspection at the same time. Dr. Xia has successfully developed more than a dozens of fluorescent labeling molecules (materials) such as Super Gelred, Super Gelgreen, Super Evagreen, PMA, etc., and successfully developed more than ten protein-fluorescent dye couplings and applied the research results to diagnosis of the early cancer. In 2014, US Everbright® Inc. was founded in Silicon Valley, California . In 2014, the individual won the title of “Gusu Innovation and Entrepreneur Leading Talent” and “Yangcheng Lake Technology Leading Talent”; 2016 and 2017 “Jiangsu Province Innovation and Entrepreneur Talent” and many honors.

      The company currently provides high-end biological laboratory reagents, such as Molecular biology, Cell biology, Protein related products, PMA, YF® series, ion detection reagents, and other categories. Molecular biology including RT-QPCR, nucleic acid gel electrophoresis series products; Cell biology including Phalloidin cytoskeleton dyes, transfection reagents, a series of apoptosis and cytotoxicity, viability detection kits, etc.; Protein related products including brightein protein gel dye, WonderOrange protein quantification, four ECL products with different sensitivity; Safe, Non-toxic Nucleic Acid Dyes are Super GelRed&GelGreen; YF® series of dyes (350nm-790nm) which can complete coverage of each band, suitable for flow labeling which further improved than AF series performance. Nucleic Acid Quantification Kit used to library construction of completed Nucleic Acid Quantitative. Reporter gene including Single and Dual Luciferase Reporter Gene Kit, One-step system efficacy evaluation kit ( ADCC experiment) and so on.

      Since its establishment, the company has applied for 10 national invention patents, 5 of which have been authorized. Patent “Preparation and application of a new nucleic acid dye”, Patent authorization No. 201410149438.6; Patent “Preparation method of rhodamine 110”, Patent authorization No.201540587507.6; Patent “Compound and application as a low mobility nucleic acid dye”, Patent authorization No.201610410630.5; Patent “Preparation method and application of Fluorescent dye for protein quantification”, Patent authorization No.201610786907.4; Patent “Preparation method and application in bacteria detection of Fluorescent dye”, Patent authorization No.201711479943.7 and so on.

      Recent years, the company won many honors, such as “The most potential for development and entrepreneurship in Xiangcheng District”, “Technology Innovation Award”, “Jiangsu Province Private Technology Enterprise”, “Suzhou Science and Technology SME”, “2018 The first batch of high-tech enterprises in Jiangsu Province's” etc. Professional team, leading technology, we are constantly innovating and improving.


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