• D-Luciferin, Sodium Salt

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Product overview:


Appearance: Light yellow solid soluble in water

Ex/Em = 328/533 nm   

Molecular Formula: C11H7N2NaO3S2

Molecular Weight: 302.3  


Store at -20°C and protect from light. When stored as directed, product is stable for at least 12 months.



Optical in vivo imaging currently uses bioluminescence and fluorescence technologies. The bioluminescence method is based on the principle that luciferase can catalyze the chemiluminescence of substrates. The cell line which can stably express luciferase in vitro is implanted in the animal and reacts with the substrate injected into the body later. The optical system is used to detect the light intensity, which indirectly reflects the change in the number of cells or the localization of the cells. This technology has been widely used in many fields, the most commonly used are the establishment of tumor or disease animal models, and can be used in virology research, siRNA research, stem cell research, protein interaction research, etc.

D-Luciferin is a commonly used substrate for Luciferase, which is commonly used in the entire biotechnology field, especially in optical in vivo imaging. Under the action of ATP and luciferase, luciferin can be oxidized, and its chemiluminescence is detected at 560 nm. Luciferin is encoded by the luc gene, which exists as a reporter gene in a variety of cells. Due to the low background of chemiluminescence, the luc gene can be detected at very low expression levels. In addition, luciferin / luciferase was used to measure 10-15 molar amounts of ATP.


The background fluorescence of D-Luciferin Sodium Salt samples is mainly from fluorescein. If this product is not used immediately, it is recommended to store it at -20 °C, protected from light after packaging.



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