• YF®488 Click-iT EdU Flow Cytometry Assay Kits

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Product overview:



20 T

50 T



A. 10mM EdU

0.4 mL

1 mL


When stored as directed, product is stable for at least 12 months

B. YF®488/555/594/647A Azide

100 µL

250 µL

-20,protect from light

C. CuSO4

0.8   mL

2 mL


D. Click-iT EdU Buffer Additive

60 mg

150 mg


Specification: the above reaction times(T) are for cells cultured on 6 well plate. For specific reagent dosage of other containers, please refer to Schedule 1 (Dosage reference of EdU and dye reaction solution).

Fluorescence spectrum parameters:

YF®488 Azide:495/519 nm;

YF®555 Azide:555/565 nm;

YF®594 Azide:594/617 nm;

YF®647A Azide:650/670 nm.

Reagents required:

10 mM PBS, pH 7.2-7.6 

Paraformaldehyde (4% paraformaldehyde in PBS) 

0.5% Triton X-100 in PBS 

1% BSA in PBS, pH7.4 

Deionized water


Store at -20℃ and protect from light. When stored as directed, product is stable for at least 12 months. After unsealing, the storage temperature is shown in the table above.


Detection of cell proliferation is a basic experimental method to evaluate cell health, genotoxicity and antitumor effect. Previously, the most accurate method to detect cell proliferation was BrdU method, and EdU method was a revolutionary breakthrough of BrdU method. EdU (5-ethynyl-2-deoxyuridine) is a pyrimidine analogue that can be integrated into the DNA double strand during DNA synthesis. EdU method is based on the "Click" reaction, an atomic covalent reaction of azides and alkynes catalyzed by copper.

In this kit, EdU is a compound contains alkyne, YF ®488/555/594/647A Azide dye reagent contains azide compound. EdU method is a rapid and effective method for cell proliferation and easy to use. Only a small amount of azide dye is needed to mark the integrated EdU. After fixation with paraformaldehyde and penetration with Triton X-100, detection reagent can enter cell without DNA denaturation. However, the BrdU method needs DNA denaturation (such as acid denaturation, heat denaturation or DNase digestion) to expose BrdU, so as to facilitate the binding of BrdU antibody.

This kit contains all components needed for EdU assay, which can analyse cell proliferation and cell cycle.



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