• YF®488-Annexin V and PI Apoptosis Kit

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Product overview:


Store at 4℃ and protect from light. Do not freeze. Expiration date marked on the outer packing.


YF ®488-Annexin V: Abs/Em = 490 /515 nm 

PI: Abs/Em = 535 /617 nm (binding DNA)


YF®488 and PI Apoptosis Kit provides a convenient method to make a distinction between apoptotic (green) and necrotic (red) cells within the same cell population by flow cytometry or fluorescence microscopy.

YF®488- Annexin V can be used to label apoptotic cells. Annexin V is a 35-36 kilodalton, Ca2+ -dependent phospholipid-binding protein with high affinity for phosphatidylserine (PS). However, in apoptotic cells, PS is translocated from the inner to the outer leaflet of the plasma membrane, where it is available for binding to fluorescently labeled Annexin V. Compared with FITC, YF®488 has higher fluorescence brightness, and is not affected by pH in the environment, and has good light stability.

Propidium iodide (PI) is a membrane impermeant DNA- binding dye which is commonly used to selectively stain dead cells in a cell population. PI stains necrotic and late apoptotic cells with compromised membrane integrity. PI can be excited by the 488, 532, or 546 nm laser lines, and emits red fluorescence.



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