• Viability/Cytotoxicity Assay Kit for Bacteria Cells

    Product No.:L6060S/L6060L

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Product overview:



L6060S (20T)

 L6060S (100T)

A.  NucGreen

20 μL

100 μL

B.   EthD-III

40 μL

200 μL


Store at -20℃ and protect from light. Expiration date marked on the outer packing.


DMAO: Ex/Em: 503/530 nm (with DNA) 

EthD-III: Ex/Em: 530/620 nm (with DNA)


Live & Dead Viability/Cytotoxicity Assay Kit for Bacteria catians two fluorescent dyes, NucGreen and EthD-III. NucGreen is a green nucleic acid fluorescent dye, which can stain living and dead bacteria. EthD-III is a red nucleic acid fluorescent dye, which can only stain dead bacteria with damaged cell membrane. When NucGreen and EthD-III are properly mixed, the bacteria with intact cell membrane has green fluorescence, while the bacteria with damaged cell membrane has both green and red fluorescence. The principle of detection is conventional and applicable to most bacterial types.

The common standard of bacterial activity is the ability of bacteria to reproduce in a suitable nutrient medium, which is called growth assay. The results of this kit are in good agreement with those of growth measurement in liquid or solid medium. However, under certain conditions, bacteria with membrane damage may recover and reproduce in a nutrient medium, and such bacteria may be considered dead in this assay. In contrast, some bacteria with intact membranes may not be able to reproduce in nutrient media, but these bacteria may be considered alive in this assay. Therefore, if there is a considerable difference between this test and bacterial growth test, the above possibility should be take into consideration.



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