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  • UEIris RT mix with DNase(All-in-One)

    Product No.:R2020

    Product specification:20μL×50T/20μL×100T

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Product overview:





UEIris 5× RT All-in-One Mix

200 µL

2×200 µL


50 µL

100 µL

RNase-free water

1 mL

2×1 mL

* UEIris 5× RT All-in-One Mix contains the following components: Reverse transcriptase, RNase inhibitor, dNTPs, buffer, Oligo (dT) 20VN and random primers.


Store at -20°C. When stored as directed, product is stable for at least 12 months.


UEIris RT mix with DNase (All-in-One) is a simpler system for synthesizing RNA from cDNA. It contains all the reagents required for the first-strand cDNA synthesis, and only needs to add RNA template and water for reverse transcription. The system can amplify RNA targets up to 12 kb in length, and is compatible with multiplex RT-PCR.

The product uses a high-efficiency DNase, which is thermally sensitive and can be quickly and irreversibly inactivated under high temperature. Therefore, only one sample loading is needed to remove genomic DNA contamination and reverse transcription reaction in the same tube. Compared with DNase I to remove genomic DNA contamination, no additional EDTA is needed for inactivation, which not only reduces damage to the RNA template, reduces the risk of RNase contamination, but also saves experimental time.


1. The purity and integrity of the RNA template is an important factor affecting the reverse transcription.

2. If the subsequent experiment is PCR, the amount of reverse transcription product should not exceed 1/10 of the volume of the PCR system. For a 20 μL PCR system, the amount of reverse transcription product should not exceed 2 μL. 

3. The mix contains Oligo (dT) 20VN and random primers. It is not only suitable for eukaryotic mRNAs containing Poly (A) structure, but also for prokaryotic RNA without Poly (A) structure, eukaryotic rRNA, and tRNAs. The master mix is not suitable for small RNA templates such as miRNA.



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