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  • LipoGene™ 2000 PLus Transfection Reagent (High efficiency)

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Product overview:


Store at 4°C and protect from light. When stored as directed, product is stable for at least 12 months. Do not freeze.


LipoGene™ 2000 Plus Transfection Reagent is a very efficient and new transfection reagent that achieves the transfection effect of the most mainstream transfection reagent in the world. Suitable for transfection of plasmids, siRNA or other forms of nucleic acids including DNA, RNA, oligonucleotides into eukaryotic cells

LipoGene™ 2000 Plus Transfection Reagent has the highest transfection efficiency in many cell types and formats. And has high transfection efficiency, good repeatability, simple operation, no obvious cytotoxicity features.

The protocol of LipoGene™ 2000 Plus Transfection Reagent is completely the same as Lipofectamine® 2000 Reagent, and the transfection efficiency is equivalent to or slightly higher than Lipofectamine® 2000 Reagent.

LipoGene™ 2000 Plus Transfection Reagent is not only suitable for transfection of single-component such as plasmids and siRNA, also suitable for multiple plasmid or plasmid transfection and siRNA combination.

After transfection, usually 24 to 48 hours to reach a higher level of protein expression, and the quantity of protein expression in 48 hours is significantly higher than 24 hours. Transfection of siRNA is usually ideal for down-regulation of the target gene after 3-5 days.

LipoGene™ 2000 Plus Transfection Reagent can be directly added to cells in culture medium (with or without serum). However, for the best transfection results, antibiotic-free culture medium is recommended for transfection. It is not necessary to remove DNA-Lip2000™ complexes or change medium following transfection. The complexes can be removed after 4-6 hours by replacing with refresh medium.


1. Using the high purity of DNA or RNA helps to get high transfection efficiency. 

2. Before transfection, cells must be in a good state of growth. 

3. Preparing Opti-MEM I Medium or other medium without serum by yourself. 

4. LipoGene™ 2000 Plus Transfection Reagent can not vortex, mix gently. 

5. LipoGene™ 2000 Plus Transfection Reagent should be closed immediately after use to avoid long-term exposure to the air, which will affect the transfection efficiency. 

6. For your safety and health, please wear lab coats and disposable gloves.



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