• YO-PRO-1 Iodide and PI Membrane Permeability Apoptosis Detection Kit

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A: YO-PRO-1 Iodide dye

50 µL

100 µL

B: Propidium Iodide (PI)

50 µL

100 µL


Store at 4 ℃ and protect from light. When stored as directed, product is stable for at least 6 months.


YO-PRO-1Iodide dye: Ex/Em: 491/509 nm (with DNA) 

Propidium Iodine: Ex/Em: 535/617 nm (with DNA)


Apoptosis refers to the spontaneous and orderly death of cells controlled by genes in order to maintain the stability of internal environment. Different from necrosis, apoptosis is an active process, which involves the activation, expression and regulation of a series of genes. Abnormal apoptosis is usually associated with certain diseases, such as Alzheimer's disease and cancer. The difference between apoptosis and necrosis lies in the characteristic morphological and biochemical changes, including the change of nuclear chromatin, the contraction of cytoplasm and the loss of membrane asymmetry. In addition, the permeability of plasma membrane changes during apoptosis. Some dyes, such as the green fluorescent dye YO-PRO-1 iodide, can enter the apoptotic cells, while others, such as the red fluorescent dye, can not. Therefore, the simultaneous use of YO-PRO-1 iodide and PI can be used to detect apoptosis.

YO-PRO-1 Iodide and PI Membrane Permeability Apoptosis Detection Kit provides a fast and convenient method for apoptosis detection. The kit provides two dyes, YO-PRO-1 iodide and PI, which can be used directly. When YO-PRO-1 iodide and PI are used to stain cell groups, apoptotic cells show green fluorescence, dead cells show red and green fluorescence simultaneously, and the living cells show little or no fluorescence. These cell groups can be easily distinguished by excitation of 488 nm argon ion by flow cytometry.



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