• BCECF AM (5mM)

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Product overview:


Appearance: White solid soluble in DMSO and DMF (B3006) 

λ Ex/λ Em = 505/520 nm 

CAS No.: 117464-70-7 

Molecular Formula: (C30H20O11, C35H28O15, C40H36O19

Molecular Weight: 688.59


Store at -20°C and protect from light. When stored as directed, product is stable for at least 12 months


BCECF, AM ester is membrane-permeant and thus can be loaded into cells via incubation. This product is a mixture of three molecular species, all of which are readily hydrolyzed by endogenous esterases into a single BCECF free acid form once they are in the cells. BCECF can be excited to form green fluorescence under appropriate pH conditions. The maximum excitation wavelength and emission wavelength vary depending on the pH. The maximum excitation wavelength is around 503 nm and the maximum emission wavelength is around 520 nm. The recommended excitation wavelength for practical detection is 488 nm and the emission wavelength is 535 nm.

Although applications in mammalian cells are predominant, BCECF has also been employed for pH measurements in perfused tissues,intercellular spaces, plant cells,bacteria and yeast. BCECF AM has also been employed in assays for various functional properties of cells including viability and cytotoxicity, apoptosis, adhesion, multidrug resistance and chemotaxis.


1. BCECF, AM may be harmful to human body, please pay attention to proper protection. 

2. The BCECF, AM will solidify and stick to the bottom, wall or cap of the centrifuge tube at lower temperatures such as 4 ℃ and ice bath. It can be used after incubating in a water bath at 20-25 ℃ for a while until it is completely melted. 

3. There are quenching problems with fluorescent dyes. Please avoid light to slow down the fluorescence quenching. 

4. For your safety and health, please wear lab coats and disposable gloves.



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