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  • Universal SYBR Green qPCR Supermix

    Product No.:S2024

    Product specification:20μL×100T/20μL×500T

    Catalogue price(RMB):375/800

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Product overview:


2× Universal SYBR Green qPCR Supermix
1 mL
5×1 mL
The supermix contains SYBR Green dye, dNTP, PCR buffer, hot-start Taq polymerase and Rox reference.


Storage Store at -20°C and protect from light. When stored as directed, product is stable for at least 12 months. It can be stored at 4 ℃ for 6 months after opening.


SYBR Green is a dye with a green excitation wavelength that binds to all dsDNA double helix minor groove regions. After SYBR Green binds to dsDNA, the fluorescence signal would be enhanced 800-1000 times. It is a commonly used qPCR fluorescent dye. With high sensitivity and high signal-to-noise ratio, it can be applied to gene expression difference analysis, gene chip and so on.

S2024 Universal SYBR Green qPCR Supermix is a star product for qPCR gene expression analysis. This product has greatly improved the stability, specificity, the amplification ability of high GC content sequence and anti-inhibition ability of the product. The key is to optimize the use steps of the product.

This supermix contains a special ROX reference dye, which is suitable for all qPCR instruments. There is no need to adjust the ROX concentration on different instruments, and only primers and templates are added to the reaction system for amplification.


1. Annealing temperature: The annealing temperature should be set at your primer’s Tm value, and it is usually 50-60 ℃ for optimal result. However, primer’s Tm value (and thus extension temperature) should be designed as closer as possible to 60 ℃ (but still within 50-60℃ range) to reduce the gap between annealing and denaturation temperatures and speed up PCR amplification. 

2. Annealing time: The annealing time should be set for 5~20 seconds. Longer annealing time results in increased efficiency, and a shorter time decreases non-specifiv amplification. 

3. To ensure the effect of the product, repeated freezing-thawing should be avoided as much as possible.



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